Halakar, LLC offers strategic counsel and a full range of real estate services to help financial service companies create value through the prudent use and management of assets held for sale and mortgage interests.

One of the most critical services needed in our ever-evolving economic environment is professional commercial real estate receivership. When we are engaged to provide receivership, we immediately take action to stabilize the asset and preserve the value and income potential of the collateralized property. Our team stands ready to provide an initial evaluation of the asset being considered for receivership, including a written proposal and services bid.

Lenders in need of these services understand the benefits of working with an expert, and our team has industry leading experience in receiverships. Our full range of integrated commercial real estate services is made available to the receiver. We understand that each situation is unique, and the services required are different for every property.

Combining our deep real estate expertise with the finest receivership capabilities delivers responsive, accurate and dependable solutions.

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