Halakar, LLC conducts frequent physical audits and routine inspections to assess both short and long term maintenance needs. Audits include operating system inspections of common area lighting, roofing, fire equipment, HVAC, and elevators/escalators, etc.

These inspections are established to ensure compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances and equipment warranties. During inspections, our team will complete all preventative maintenance to ensure proper function of mechanical and electrical systems in the building.

We also employ skilled on-site maintenance staff for use on the majority of projects; eliminating the reliance on third party contractors to complete basic maintenance tasks. Our maintenance technicians can provide a higher level of service and satisfaction for all projects, and have the ability to manage any third party contractors to ensure work is done in timely and professional manner.

All of our maintenance staff wear Halakar uniforms when on-site to increase visibility. We believe in being an approachable company, starting with our maintenance technicians on-site and extending to our office, where you are always welcome.

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